The Water Resources Museum was established with the following objectives:  

  • To serve as a dynamic media of effective communication in popularizing the scientific utilization and management of water resources
  • To inculcate a sense of inquiry and scientific temperament in the minds of people of different cross-sections of the society on various aspects of water resources


  • Display research findings of CWRDM and other institutions working on water
  • Preparation of models/exhibits on various aspects of water resources development and management
  • Collection, conservation and documentation of equipment / materials used for hydrometeorological studies
  • Gathering traditional and modern water lifting devices; installing and documenting the principles, advantages, etc
  • Conducting exhibitions


  • Butterfly Garden
  • Demonstration plot for Soil and Water Conservation
  • Demonstration for Organic Farming
  • Medicinal Garden 
    Entry fee for Water Resources Museum



    Category Rate (Rs)
    1 For School students 10.00
    2 For adults and the general public 20.00

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