The Isotope Facility is engaged in hydrological investigations with isotope techniques. The facility has developed a ‘National Isotope Facility for Hydrology’ with the financial assistance from DST, GoI under its IRHPA scheme and along with a supporting grant-in-aid from KSCSTE, GoK under its SARD scheme. The infrastructural facilities developed under the facility include IRMS, HPGe, Alpha Spectroscopy system etc. and are accessible to the external agencies also.

The Facility is collaborating with several R&D/Academic institutions at national level in conducting field hydrological research specific to the region. The focus of the Division is also on popularizing isotope techniques in mainstream hydrology and decision making through rigorous trainings and workshops.


To establish a Centre of Excellence Isotope Hydrology Laboratory for undertaking advanced research in the field of water resources.


  • To improve the understanding of water related issues and problems using isotope techniques for sustainable development and management of water resources.
  • To collaborate and interact with national and international agencies/institutions in advanced research in isotope hydrology.
  • To create awareness and impart training to personnel from academic, R&D institutions and user departments on the use of isotope techniques to address water related issues.

Thrust Area

  • Precipitaion origin and its transport mechanisms
  • Surface water – groundwater interconnection
  • Hydrograph separation
  • Aquifer-aquifer interaction
  • Groundwater recharge studies
  • Soil moisture  movement
  • Groundwater velocity and direction
  • Salinization
  • Pollution source discrimination
  • Stream flow measurement
  • Seepage in dams and canals
  • Sedimentation in lakes and reservoirs
  • Wetland studies