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Course Overview:

The advanced instrumentation techniques in Isotopic and chemical analysis of environmental matrices training program is a 12-day course that aims to provide the basics of isotope hydrology and their applications in various fields followed by the precise analysis, characterization, and identification of emerging contaminants in the environment. The course will also provide hands-on training on sophisticated instruments and transfer the hands-on knowledge to the young research communities.

Course Objectives:

1. Providing the basics of isotope hydrology and their applications in various fields
2. Providing the principles and hands-on training of the advanced analytical instruments
3. Empowering participants in sampling, analysis and interpretation of results through practical sessions
4. Enabling the participants to identify their area of interest and laboratory applications of isotope techniques and other advanced instruments in their respective fields.

Course Modules:

The course will cover the basics of hydrology and application of advanced techniques in hydrological problems. Principles of spectroscopic, chromatographic, isotopic and general instrumentation techniques applied in hydrology/ environmental science. Hands on sessions in advanced instrumentation.

Course Deliverables:

This course will help the participants on using advanced instruments and their applications in the environmental sector. The participants will have a hands-on experience on the sophisticated instruments after the successful completion of the training program. On the whole, the participants will gain the know-how about the principles and basics of various instruments and their potential use in their research problems.

Course Coordinators:

The course will be coordinated by Dr. Magesh N.S., Dr. Manjula P and Dr. Chithra V.S. Scientist B, CWRDM.


The training program is open to applicants from any discipline of Science (Chemistry/ Geology/ Environmental Sciences/ Marine Sciences) or engineering currently pursuing PG /PhD programs. Selection will be based on the recommendations of the duly constituted committee.


The duration of the course is for 12 days, from 11 th to 23 rd September 2023.


Dr. Magesh N.S

Scientist B

Ecology and Environment Research Group, CWRDM, Kozhikode – Kerala


Phone: +91 9944717646; Landline: 0495 2351874


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