Water being an important component in the progress of mankind, its quality obviously becomes a matter of concern. Water, whether it is surface or groundwater, used for irrigation or drinking, its physico-chemical and microbiological contamination has become a cause of concern in terms of Human health. The project “Establishment of Mobile Testing Laboratory for the Quality Assurance of Water Resources in Kerala” with the support of Water Resources Department, Govt. of Kerala was started on April 2012. The objectives of the project are:

  • Field measurement of water quality parameters for quality assurance of Drinking Water Sources in Kerala
  • To provide safe drinking water for better health in Kerala

The mobile laboratory was established by CWRDM is being used to raise awareness within communities while carrying out their routine testing. They also contributed to the establishment of a database for future work. The establishment of the mobile laboratories is a precautionary step taken to ensure the safety of water and its compliance with Bureau of Indian drinking-water standards and WHO guidelines for drinking-water quality.