1.  National  level training course on ‘ On-farm Water Management' was conducted during 19-21 March 2012 at CWRDM Headquarters, Kozhikode

2.  National level training course on ‘Micro Irrigation and Fertigation’ was conducted during 22-27 March 2012 at CWRDM Headquarters, Kozhikode.

3.  Two training courses on ‘Recent Trends in Water Resources Management’ during 9-13 July 2012 and 12-16 June 2012, for Non-teaching faculties of Polytechnics, Sponsored by Curriculum Development Centre, Kochi

4.  Training course on ‘Water quality and Geomatics in Water Resources Management’ for Remote Sensing Application Center, Uttar Pradesh organized by CWRDM during 15-20 October 2012.


Seminars/Workshops Organized

1.  A Seminar on Drip Irrigation at CADA Head Office, Thrissur on 30th January 2012.

2.   Organised a seminar on “Wetland and Sustainable Tourism with Special Focus on Wetlands in Northern Kerala” in association with World Wetland Day on 6th February 2012.

3.  Conducted a one day Seminar cum Interface on ‘Organic Farming and Water Management’ on 25-02-2012 at CWRDM HQ, Kozhikode.

4.   A workshop on “Ecological Sanitation” was conducted at Mavoor and Karasseri panchayaths on 19th May 2012 as part of the UNICEF funded project.

5.  An awareness programme on “Water Quality and Relevance of water card” was conducted at Kunnamangalam grama panchayath on 4th  September  2012.

6.  An awareness programme on Water Quality and Sanitation and water card and water filter distribution to the beneficiaries was conducted at Olavanna grama panchayath on 21st August 2012 as part of the UNICEF funded project

7. One day workshop on “Water Quality Testing under World Water Monitoring Council Programme 2012” was conducted in CWRDM on 24th September 2012 in connection with World Water Quality Monitoring Day.

8.  A one day workshop on “Water and Sanitation” was conducted at Karassery Grama panchayath on 1st October 2012 as part of the UNICEF funded project.

9.  One day Regional workshop on Isotope Hydrology was conducted on 11 October, 2012 at Karunya University, Coimbatore under the aegis of DST National Stable Isotope facility at CWRDM.

10.  A one day workshop on Water and Sanitation was conducted at CWRDM with the support of Mavoor Grama panchayath as part of the UNICEF funded project.

11.  State level Dissemination Workshop on Dissemination of experiences of piloting alternate WATSAN options to improve drinking water quality in Kerala was organised by Centre for Water Resources Development and Management with the support of UNICEF on 20th December 2012.