CWRDM subcentre at Neyyattinkara began functioning in the year 1993. The subcentre conducts research on diverse issues related to water – agricultural water management, water quality monitoring, water allocation etc. The centre’s work on agricultural water productivity and water use efficiency studies in agriculture provides regionally translatable local solutions to ensuring food security.  The centre has expertise in evaluating the performance of medium and minor irrigation projects in achieving their objectives. Research at the centre makes use of the available knowledge and information to address the challenge of adapting to a changing climate, by reducing its impact on water resources. The centre is also involved in the monitoring of water quality and pollution abatement in coastal districts of Kerala.

With its strategic location near to the capital city, the subcentre also serves as the liaison centre of CWRDM with other governmental agencies.


To be a centre of expertise in research providing sustained scientific and socially acceptable solutions to critical water management issues relevant to South Kerala.


To engage in interdisciplinary research and development activities that provide inputs for decision makers to make choices on development, conservation and management of water resources effectively.

Thrust Area

  • Irrigation Management
  • Water Quality Modelling and Analysis
  • Climate Change Impact Assessment and Adaptation
  • Water Productivity Improvement
  • Capacity Development